3 different ways that you can connect yarn so in this case. Let’s say that you’re working on a project and you run out of yarn and you need to put them together. So one really just tie a knot. It’s as simple as that. Some people are not a fan of this because you might have you might be able to feel that. If you do it loose enough or sometimes some people might want to do this really tight try to get it as close to the yarn as possible stuff like that and then once you crochet it kind of gets lost in there.

The problem is depending on the yarn and your project and a few other things you might be able to feel that knot. So not everybody is a fan of doing it. This way our second option is going to be to splice it. So we’re going to pull these apart and this has four in it so you just have to kind of pull it apart and you’ll get two and two. I’m gonna see there’s two there and two there. So we’re splitting it in half so I don’t know maybe a couple inches and you really want to get them like frayed so even like the ends. I would really pull those apart too so it’s getting really frayed on the end this is going to make it a lot easier to stick it together. So we want to get it nice and frayed okay and then we’re gonna do the same thing on the other end.

The end that we’re trying to connect it to the key here is water. I’m going to do is hold this in my hand and we’re gonna get some water on it. We want this very wet in my hand to have water on it as well so I’m gonna lie that there and then I’m gonna take the other end and kind of go over top of this one. Now if you can intertwine them a little bit so they’re overlapping that’s gonna be better but we want them all for in our hand like this and we’re gonna get it wet so there’s two things we want water and we want friction with like heat. What I’m going to do is start rubbing my hands together so we want to just keep going like this. Here we have it all connected you can kind of see it’s definitely more bumpy and it’s more fuzzy but when you’re working on your project it’ll all fit together and you won’t even notice it.

This last method is actually my favorite and my grandma taught me how to do this. So I’m not sure if there’s a name for it but you just need a fairly large needle with an with a big eye on it. Something that the thread can go through or the yarn. I mean so we’re going to just put the yarn doesn’t matter which end it is just one of the ends and then just leave a short tail on it so just enough. It doesn’t fall off for now just going to weave in and out of this yarn make sure that your needle is not too big or else this does not work. We’re gonna you can kind of see I’m getting right in the middle of all this and it’s starting to fill up where you can’t even see the needle anymore. I usually recommend doing at least two inches two to three inches of this. Okay so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to grab the needle end and the end not this one is part of the needle. I need to grab the end of that’s on the needle if that makes sense and we’re just gonna pull both oops. I mean it is working because it’s on there pretty good but we’re just gonna give that a Yank okay and we’re gonna keep going until that happens that comes off now we’re gonna grab not the tail part but the part the actual yarn and you’re just gonna gently and slowly pull that.

There we go now the this one for some reason it just like frayed all crazy so what I’m actually gonna do I’m just gonna cut that off I don’t need that we just pretty much it we just want the yarn to stick together then I give it a nice little twist and there you go so it’s kind of the same thing as the splicing. I just find this a lot faster so the next time you run out of yarn and you need to attach it you can definitely try one of these three options.